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The Many Advantages of Tuff Cover
At Tuff Cover we design and produce the dunnage that touches the part ourselves, not through an outside supplier.  Through our knowledge and experience, we can guide you through the design and validation process and get the project moving according to your timeline.  We guarantee all of our workmanship because our reputation is riding on your complete satisfaction.  Trust us with your most delicate products, you won’t be disappointed.

Tuff Cover is constantly seeking ways to improve our dunnage products. The combined benefits of 20 years experience with sewn products and our ability to create and incorporate new designs result in sure packaging solutions that are the smart choice for your customer’s package transportation needs.  Our innovation with new product designs and constant quest to find newer and better ways to do what we do best makes us stand apart from the competition.
It’s All in Who You Know
At Tuff Cover we pride ourselves in our ability to design and produce quality sewn dunnage. Most of our dunnage is made for use in steel or plastic containers. This requires collaboration among key suppliers. We work hard to maintain these relationships knowing our combined efforts will be required to deliver the best service to the end user. Our goal is to get you a packaging solution that meets your customers’ needs at a competitive price.

Tuff Cover’s Unique History
In 1985, Tuff Cover, Inc. was asked by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to create a moose sling. Jack Coolidge, then owner of Tuff Cover, Inc., designed and manufactured the slings used in “Operation Moose Lift” in 1985 and again in 1987. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s thriving moose herd is the resulting success of those efforts.

We successfully lifted moose from the wilds of Canada 20 years ago. Surely, we can safely transport your products today.

Tuff Cover Can Create A Perfect Fit For Your Needs
Here are some examples of what we can do to make sure the product gets to the consumer the same way it was sent out.  No matter what product you’re packaging, we have a design or can create a design solution to fit your needs. 

Moose Sling



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