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Designing Dunnage Solutions
For Your Needs

Big Benefits, Best Value

Superior Part Protection
When it comes to part protection you need custom-fitted, soft, pliable materials that can you can count on to protect even the most delicate parts.  Our product is made to fit your part, not the other way around, and it is laminated or sewn with protective materials that provide even more care for your product. 

A Perfect Fit That’s Light Yet Durable
Tuff Cover can create a design solution with materials that are extremely lightweight, yet the strongest on the market.  Using cut-resistant and high tensile strength materials, we can literally make your dunnage bulletproof. 

The thin design allows the part to better nest in each cell, offering more protection. Our designs allow for more parts per container which saves money and space.

Cleaner Product, Cleaner Environment
We special order materials with top coatings that are easy to clean and may be laundered and reused, saving money and protecting our natural resources.  We can also create part protection which includes dust covers and anti-static properties that will keep them clean in extremely dirty environments.

Safety First, Protecting More Than Just Parts
We value the safety of those who handle our dunnage products.  That’s why we make sewn dunnage that is lightweight so that it can be safely lifted, and it has soft edges that are easy to handle. 

Your Interests In Mind
Our sewn dunnage cells are easy to label and can be colored to aid in sequencing and sorting.  They can collapse to reduce trucking and warehousing costs, and may be reused time and time again.  Our customer service representatives will work with you to create a solution that meets all of your needs – whatever they are.  Our solutions keep your best interests in mind and save you time, money, and hassle.

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